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After 18 years of activity, NAZARI AUTOMAZIONI has identified the following target:
NAZARI aims at offering its excellence services as System Integrator through 4 guidelines:
Excellent teamwork, permanent training of staff, high competence of all staff, rigorous support for customers for the rapid solution of problems and meeting all needs.

Becoming the privileged technological partner for our customers. Treating the technological needs of our customers as our own, and adopting the desire for success of the customer as the ultimate ambition.

Always working at the highest professional level and quality.

NAZARI AUTOMAZIONI’s core business is: “Being a System Integrator offering design and realisation of industrial automation systems”.

Internally, it has developed a specific competence in system functional analysis, working in compliance with international standards, including commissioning and after-sales support.


At the moment the fields of business are:
Design and realisation of PLC systems: HW and software | PC Software Development: SCADA and DB interface | HMI development and installation | Planning, configuration and commissioning of industrial networks | Program development and commissioning of robotic cells| Industrial electrical systems design

Electrical Design


Extensive experience in industrial electrical projects.Electrical design activity: update of wiring diagrams in digital format, integration into the various customers’ standards, complete onboard machine design, process boards and switch boards; our ...

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The use of robots in industrial processes has increased greatly recently; NAZARI’s answer has been the development of a profound knowledge of robots and participation in specific training courses.Currently NAZARI AUTOMAZIONI’s staff are able to use ...

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Data Network


Recent years have witnessed the massive use of industrial data networks, and mainly the configuration of Data and I/O networks. NAZARI AUTOMAZIONI has acquired wide-ranging experience which enables it to avoid the following risks:• under-use of ...

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There are now many applications developed by NAZARI AUTOMAZIONI using graphical HMI (human-machine interfaces): For simple supervisory tasks, using graphic operator panels is the appropriate solution.NAZARI has wide experience in the use of the most ...

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Software PC


The development of increasingly complex systems requires the use of computers equipped with suitable software. In recent years NAZARI trained its staff in new technological issues such as:SCADA; for various projects the use of appropriate software ...

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Systems with PLC


Over the years NAZARI AUTOMAZIONI has acquired extensive experience of PLC applications, from the knowledge of specifications to project management, commissioning and support, being able to use all the main current PLC applications on the market. ...

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Nazari Automazioni S.r.l.

Address: Via Provinciale Cuneo, 4
12039 Verzuolo (CN) – Italy


+39 0175 230473




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