Electric Design

Our company has extensive experience in the realization of industrial electrical projects. 
Our skills are manifold:

  • PLC-Drives architectures development
  • Electrical, distributive and assembly drawings
  • BOMs for purchases and spare parts lists and maintenance one
  • Internal cabinet layout in 2D and 3D, diagrams and terminal diagrams
  • List of cables and PLC summaries; links list
  • Study and realization circuitry of security systems
  • Development and realization of drawings complies with standards EN EIC, EN, ISO as IEC 81346, IEC 61082, IEC 61355.
  • Check of the electrical design with Sistema software for the regulation 138492
  • Classification and identification of documents for plants and systems according to ICE 61355
Our company uses different type of electrical CAD:

  • Eplan
  • SPAC
  • Xelec 
  • See Electrical Expert

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