Pioneering Spirit - Crane Ship

The PH (pipe handling) is designed to allow complete process and handling for pipe as follow:
  • Transporting the single pipes SJ towards the firing line for the weld final station.
  • Transporting the single pipes SJ towards the DJ weld station 1.
  • Transporting the double pipes DJ towards the firing line for the weld final station.
  • Transporting the single pipes SJ to being stored onto storage area on A-deck.
  • Transporting SJs/DJs from A-deck to the Firing Line deck.
  • Supporting the pipe during the pipe laying process.
The purpose of this installation is to take the SJ/DJ pipe from A-Deck and to transport that pipe to the firing line (B-Deck) and perform his alignment with the pipeline being processed.
The PH system is intended for 2 different process modes:
  • Single Joint supply
  • Double Joint supply
As Nazari Automazioni, we have developed the PLC software for the pipe transportation from the beginning to the end of the process line. The PH can be done manually using the commands positioned on the thirty-two consoles present along the line or automatically without the aid of an operator. The process is managed and monitored by two 46Ó touchscreen monitors where the SCADA system is running. From the SCADA is it possible to see the actual position of pipes in real-time. Through the maintenance PC, it is possible to start the HMI of each machine for maintenance, set-up and calibration purpose. All installed controllers are fail-safe to guarantee the functional safety of machines and plant through the numerous safety sensors and barriers installed along the line.

System architecture:
  • N.3 Siemens CPU 416-3 PN/DP
  • N.11 Siemens CPU 315F PN/DP
  • N.178 Siemens CPU IM151-8F PN/DP
  • N.1 Siemens Industrial PC used to run SCADA
  • N.1 Maintenance PC used to run N. 171 HMI panels
  • N.167 Vacon drives

Used Softwares:
  • SIMATIC Step7: PLC programming
  • SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture: SCADA development
  • SIMATIC WinCC Flexible: HMI development
  • NCDrive / NCLoad: Drive configuration

ID: 458
SETTORE: Offshore
CLIENTE: Allseas

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