Take care of our planet!

The environmental aspect has been massively debated in the last decades but today we do feel the need to see concrete actions. Based on this, we like to recall one of our project of 2018 that saw us active at the forefront of an important issue like this.

We took care of the construction of a new aerobic composting plant of 129,000m2
 in Trevignano, the result of a redevelopment and expansion capable of handling 73,000 tons of wet and vegetable waste.
Each PLC could manage a particular aspect of the industrial process, thus dividing it into simpler subsystems. Thanks to this new plant, 55 italian municipalities have achieved their complete self-sufficiency in treating we and vegetable waste.


System architecture:
N.2 Siemens CPU 319F 2PN/DP
N. 14 Siemens CPU 151-8 F PN
N. 11 Siemens ET200Eco
N. 13 Siemens Soft-Start 3RW55
N. 32 Siemens Drives: G120 CU240 E-2 PN
N.1 Host Server: Scada Engineering- Historian - PLC communication - Runtime WinCC RT Professional

Used Software:
SIMATIC TIA Portal V15.1: PLC programming
SIMATIC TIA WinCC RT Professional, 65536 Power-tags

ID: 863_01
SETTORE: Ecologico

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